Van Nguyen

B.S. University of California, Los Angeles


I've always been fascinated in the human brain and its relationship to the mind and behavior. Born and raised in socal, I wanted to understand the complexity of our malleable yet durable brain through psychology and neuroscience when I pursued my B.S. at UCLA. After 2006, my ventures lured me towards understanding the molecular machineries involved in these rapid firing of the synapses to produce a variety of behaviors both instinctive and complex. Specifically, I was entranced by the structure-function of ion channels as I spent 2 years at the NIH working with Miguel Holmgren. Here, with my sunny Californian upbringing, I spent my hottest and coldest days in Bethesda studying the effects of RNA editing in the octopi Na, K ATPase in hopes of understanding and finding adaptive, molecular mechanisms to various environmental and physiological factors. Coincidentally, this field has opened the realm of single molecules and quantitative biology, which showed me a way to put numbers to biological processes and prompted me to apply to the Biophysics program at Stanford 2009. It was December 2009 that I decided to join the Block lab.

I am currently working with Johan Andreasson and Bason Clancy in understanding the molecular machinery behind kinesin movement.