Christian Perez

B.S.E Case Western in Engineering Physics


If you're reading this, you likely a) want to join Block lab b) are new to Block lab and want to see how others wrote their bios or c) got lost and have no idea where you are. I will address each audience separately.

a) Congratulations! You are either a physicist that got bored with measuring things that only physicists care about and decided to measure things that biologists care about, OR you are a bio-something that got bored of running gels and want to shoot laser beams at your samples instead.

I am the former, trained as a computer engineer with a B.S.E. in Engineering Physics (like my esteemed colleague Johan, pronounced hoo-ha, silent n) from Case Western Reserve University in sunny Cleveland, OH. After working at Intel and turning my back on work in a cube, I gave up on a bright career as slave labor ( i.e. graduate work) on quantum computation in favor of optical trapping of various cell thingymabobs because people tell me its the hot thing nowadays.

Currently, I'm checking out the eukaryotic ribosome and how they do their thang during scanning initiation on mRNA. I could tell you more, but only if we are both in a cone of silence.

b) Notice how I tailored my bio for the expected visitors? And no mention of my hobbies, because who really wants to know? You do? Oh, well I dance a lot, specifically west coast swing and salsa. And I like rock climbing, guitar, piano, sailing, and traveling. And I've been to New Zealand. How 'bout that?

Feel free to copy my style, even though I will totally know you want to be like me.

c) So, you are at a Stanford research group website. Run away! Alternatively, check out Peter Anthony's bio as its particularly amusing. Also, The Decemberists are an awesome band, as is 20 minute loop, a San Francisco local. And The Cat Empire is a sweet funky, Latin, reggae ish band from Australia. Great live shows!