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The Group

In front of the Gates of Hell at the Cantor Arts Center (November 2016)

Front Row: Chris Kalnmals, Elumalai Gnanamani, Susan Haskins, Prof. Barry Trost, Joey Hung, Youliang Wang

Middle Row: Tas Yusoontorn, Marius Lutz, Lei Zhang, Jun Jiang, Mihn Nguyen, Wenju Bai, Yu Bai

Back Row: Nizam Havare, John West, Jim Cregg, John Schultz, Xiaoxun Li, Jake Tracy, Alastair Herron


Group Members

Barry Trost

Tamaki Professor of Humanities and Sciences

M.I.T. (H.O. House)

bmtrost at stanford dot edu

Susan Haskins

Administrative Assistant

shaskins at stanford dot edu

Postdocs and Visiting Scholars

Wenju Bai

Total Synthesis of amphidinolide N

UC Santa Barbara (T.R.R. Pettus)

bai1 at stanford dot edu

Yu Bai

Total Synthesis of kopimaline A / Prophenol-catalyzed Asymmetric Reactions

Purdue Univ. (M. Dai)

bai7 at stanford dot edu

Jun Jiang

Magnesium Prophenol Catalyzed Reactions

East China Normal Univ. (W.H. Hu)

Xiaoxun Li

Total Synthesis of welwitindolinone / Palladium catalyzed C-H Activation

Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison (W. Tang)

xli9 at stanford dot edu

Elumalia Gnanamani

Zinc Prophenol Catalyzed Reactions

Institute of Chem. Chinese Acad. of Sci., Beijing (J. Cheng, S. Luo)

gnanam at stanford dot edu

Guillaume Mata

Zinc Prophenol Reactions

Univ. of Zurich (N. W. Luedtke)

mata at stanford dot edu

Lei Zhang

TMM Cycloadditions / Total Synthesis

Univ. of Toronto (M. Lautens)

lzhang5 at stanford dot edu

Minh Nguyen

Ruthenium Catalysis / Total Synthesis of bryostatin 3

Univ. of Penn. (A. Smith, III)

nminh at stanford dot edu

Christoph Hohn

Pd Catalyzed TMM Cycloadditions / Total Synthesis of amphidinolide N

ETH Zurich (F. Diederich)

hohn at stanford dot edu

Youliang Wang

TMM Reactions / Total Synthesis of bryostatin 3

UC Santa Barbara (L. Zhang)

youliang at stanford dot edu

Grad Students
Jim Cregg

Ruthenium Catalyzed Cycloisomerizations

University of Pittsburgh (P. Floreancig)

jjcregg at stanford dot edu

Chao-I (Joey) Hung

Dinuclear Zinc-Prophenol Catalyzed Reactions

Univ. of California San Diego (E. Theodorakis)

Chris Kalnmals

Pd-Catalyzed Asymmetric Diamination

Illinois Institute of Technology (A. Hock / A. Unni)

ckalnmal at stanford dot edu

Autumn Maruniak

Asymmetric TMM Reaction

U.C. Irvine (S. Rychnovsky)

maruniak at stanford dot edu

John Schultz

Palladium Catalyzed AAA

North Dakota State (G. Cook)

schultz2 at stanford dot edu

Jacob Tracy

Swarthmore College (R. Paley)

jtracy1 at stanford dot edu