In the News

April 2014: Huge congratulations to Rachel Steward on receiving a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!!

March 2014: We're delighted that Austin Clarridge will be joining the lab as a master's student in environmental resource management in the fall. Welcome!

January 2014:Carol Boggs presented a talk at the Society for Integrative Biology meetings in Austin.

October 2013: The move to South Carolina is complete! There is still a lot of work to do setting up the lab, but we've figured out how to do lab meetings in the ether between those at South Carolina and those still at Stanford.

August 2013: Welcome to Rachel Steward, who is joining the lab as a doctoral student and to Nicole Kish, who is joining us as a lab tech.

June 2013: Libby Burch has received the Center for Teaching & Learning's award for Excellence in Honors Presentation, for her senior honors thesis. Congratulations!!

March 2013: Congratulations to Alison Ravenscraft on acceptance of her paper in BioScience. This work derives from a NCEAS distributed undergraduate workshop, involving Carol Boggs' Conservation Biology course, which Alison TA'd.

January 2013: Kristjan Niitepõld, Rajiv McCoy & Carol Boggs presented talks at the Society for Integrative Biology meetings.

November 2012: We're moving to the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC during summer 2013!

November 2012:
Congratulations to Mifuyu Nakajima on acceptance of her paper by Oecologia.

October 2012: Undergrads Nora Tjossem, Scott Swartz & Winston Joe, as well as Grace Goldberg are presenting their summer research projects at SURPS (Symposium of Undergraduate Research & Public Service). Great job, all!

July 2012: We've found a second population of Euphydryas gillettii, 1.75km from the population introduced to Colorado in 1977! Likely there since ~2008, so 30 years to move that distance.

July & August 2012: Kristjan Niitepold, Rajiv McCoy & Carol Boggs presented posters at the Joint Evolution Society meetings in Ottawa. Alison Ravenscraft presented a poster at the Ecological Society of America.

July 2012: Rocky Mountain Biological Lab's Kid's Camp! Julia Druce, Nora Tjossem, Scott Swartz, Winston Joe & Carol Boggs showed 6 year olds all about butterflies.

June 2012: Carol Boggs is awarded Stanford's Lloyd W. Dinkelspiel Award for distinctive contributions to undergraduate education.

June 2012: Congratulations to Jenny Rempel on completion of her honors thesis!

Spring 2012: Congratulations to Rajiv McCoy on receiving a Rosemary Grant award from the Society for the Study of Evolution, to support his field work!

March 2012: Carol Boggs & David Inouye's paper in Ecology Letters is rated "must read" by Faculty of 1000. It is also featured in the NYT Green Blog and elsewhere.

Spring 2012: Congratulations to Tim Bonebrake on his appointment as Assistant Professor at Hong Kong University!