2012 minus Nora

Post-docs/ Research Associates
Mifuyu Nakajima
I am interested in population dynamics. I am specifically working on the
eco-evolutionary dynamics of a butterfly population in relation to the spatial
distribution of a non-native host plant

Kristjan Niitepõld
In broad terms, I'm interested in how organisms interact with their environment. I like to use integrative approaches and to combine molecular biology and physiology with ecology. I find odd pleasure in shaking butterflies in a jar.

Doctoral Students
Rajiv McCoy
I am broadly interested in population genetics and molecular ecology. Part of my dissertation examines an introduced population of Euphydryas gillettii to uncover the effects of inbreeding and local adaptation on fitness in an isolated population.

Alison Ravenscraft
I am interested in conservation, species interactions, and tropical and temperate communities. I am currently studying the community diversity and fitness impacts of the gut microbiome in tropical Lepidoptera with different feeding habits.

Rachel Steward
I am broadly interested in the interactions of native and non-native species at scales ranging from landscape to local.

Doctoral Students doing projects associated with the lab
John Schroeder
I am interested in conservation genetics, and am pursuing a project on the genetics underlying dispersal.

Undergraduate/Co-terminal Masters Students with Independent Projects

Michelle Berry

I am interested in conservation. I am testing questions related to the effects of phylogeny and spatial heterogeneity on the composition of the gut microbiome in tropical Lepidoptera.

Laura Woodlee
I will be testing the effects of different adult feeding substrates on male reproductive development and success in the butterfly Speyeria mormonia.

Nicole Kish
Claire Karban (temporary tech at RMBL)

Undergraduate Research Assistants
Mark Losovio
Hannah Slyce

Lab emeriti
Graduate Students
Tim Bonebrake (Hong Kong University)

Steve Burke
Jacintha Ellers (Free University of Amsterdam)
Bengt Karlsson (Stockholm University)
Diane O'Brien (University of Alaska-Fairbanks)

Recent Co-terminal Masters/ Undergrads

Lauren Ponisio (UC-Berkeley)
Jenny Rempel (Ford Fellowship in Philanthropy)
Rebecca LaGrandeur (UC Davis Law School)
Annie Loggins
Libby Burch

Alex Perez (Vanderbilt Medical School)










updated: 6 April 2014