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March 4–5, 2011
Stanford University


2011 Music and the Brain Symposium: Memory


The 2011 Music and the Brain Symposium will take place March 4 - 5, 2011 at Stanford University. The symposium is connected to the campus-wide arts programming theme for 2010-2011, "Memory" (click to learn more). Space is limited, registration is free but required.

The symposium will feature presentations from:

Laura Carstensen
Rajmil Fischman
Thomas Grey
David Huron
Julene Johnson
Nina Kraus
Jieun Oh
Valorie Salimpoor
Kerry Tribe
Anthony Wagner
Ge Wang
Jonathan Berger

And performances presented by Stanford Lively Arts:

Trio Voce
SLIDE featuring eighth blackbird

Registration for the 2011 symposium is now closed.


The symposium is sponsored in part by the Department of Music, Stanford Center on Longevity, and Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics.