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    This toolkit is primarily a compilation of surveys and interview questions used by Bridge Project researchers.

    This section contains the high school student surveys (for 9th and 11th graders); the surveys given to their parents; the focus group questions asked of 11th graders; the questions asked of first-year community college students; and the interview questions answered by four-year university faculty and administrators, community college faculty and administrators, and K-12 teachers, counselors, and administrators. The bulleted sections below describe each instrument in more detail, and you can click on each one to download the related instrument. Entire classes of students were surveyed (honors and nonhonors), focus groups were conducted with 10-15 11th graders (from the surveyed classes), and interviews were conducted with individuals (not groups).

    It is important to note that the Bridge Project used all of these instruments in one region (the high schools fed into the postsecondary institutions, and the community colleges fed into the universities), and that the institutions studied met a variety of selection criteria (for example, for K-12 schools, researchers gathered data on such factors as Title I funds, student diversity, student test scores, and student college-going rates). Changes to the overall research design will impact the validity, reliability, and generalizability of the data.

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