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About Me

I'm a post-doc working with Pat Burchat in the physics department at Stanford University.

I am currently working with the BaBar collaboration at SNAL (SLAC National Accelerator Lab).

My research focuses on searches for signatures of physics beyond the Standard Model

My search for baryon- and lepton-number violation is now on the arXiv. If I am giving a colloquium or seminar at your school, you can find background material for a range of levels here. This material is not necessary to follow the talk, but will provide discussion points for a motivated student reading group.

My research in the past has focused on hadronic spectroscopy, specifically the problem of missing baryon resonances.

The data with which I worked came from the CLAS detector at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, VA.

I have been working on using HEP data for education and outreach purposes.

Here are some sample of things on which I am working.

Some more formal exercises using HEP data for education can be found here.

Some of the work I'm doing with HEP data in education and outreach. .

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