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The Particle Physics Windchime (PPW) project grew out of a first-order version developed at the Science Hack Day SF in 2010.

Ppw 3D image.jpg Ppw 2D image.jpg



The PPW is written using the processing programming language. One very nice feature, is that it can create a transferable application (using Java) for different platforms.

There is a 2D version and a 3D version for the visualization part of the app. Depending on your setup, you may find one or the other runs better on your machine.


  • When you have downloaded the .zip file, uncompress it using the tool of your choice (unzip, StuffIt).
  • This creates a directory called app_ppw_2D_<OS> or app_ppw_3D_<OS>, where OS is the operating system (linux, macosx or windows).


  • Go into this directory and run the executable.
cd app_ppw_2D_linux


  • Go into the app_ppw_2D_macosx/app_ppw_3D_macosx directory.
  • In here, you should see an Application (actually it's directory) called (or Double click on the icon/name to run the program.


  • Go into the app_ppw_2D_windows/app_ppw_2D_windows directory.
  • In here, you should see an executable called ppw_2D (or ppw_3D). Double click on the icon/name to run the program.

Using the Particle Physics Windchime

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