Meetings and Events

New Project Discussion
October 17-18, 2013
351 Civil Affairs Command
Mountain View
Room 100, Cordura Hall
Stanford University

We are launching the Governance Innovation for Security and Development (GISD) research project, a consortium among researchers from Naval Postgraduate School, Stanford University, and the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.

The goal of the meeting is to present our initial research aims, open the conversation to discuss research ideas, and explore potential partnerships.  The aim is to promote peace and well-being through good governance—provision of essential services, political moderation and accountability, stewardship of state resources, and civic participation and empowerment.  We are also initiating working groups on issues and trends in social well-being, promotion of safe and secure environments, stable governance, rule of law, sustainable economies and infrastructure, and homeland integration.

Because the project is in its initial stages, input at this meeting will help shape what GISD will ultimately accomplish.

GISD is a one-year research project funded by a government grant to support professionalization of the civil affairs community. The Principal Investigator is Professor Karen Guttieri from the NPS Global Public Policy Academic Group.  

The meeting will take place by VTC on Thursday from 10am – 1pm pst at the 351 CACOM and Thursday from 3-5 pm at Stanford and Friday from 9am – 5pm at Stanford.