Mission Statement

As an active component of the Stanford community, Cardinal Ballet Company aims:
  1. To provide ballet dancers at Stanford with quality rehearsing and performing experiences by: having professionals coach and run the rehearsals; hiring choreographers to set original pieces on the group; presenting well-known classical and neo-classical masterpieces, and having consistent rehearsals with which to hone skills and increase artistry. Company class will supplement the challenging repertoire to help maintain and improve technique and artistry.

  2. To make quality ballet accessible to Stanford audiences by: bringing previously unseen contemporary and classical work to campus; having multiple performances throughout the year in a variety of campus locations; and offering free performances to students and affordable ticket prices to the public. We will strive to present the diverse and experimental nature of the current ballet scene through a varied repertoire spanning classical to post-modern.

  3. To nurture the dance community as a whole by collaborating with other dance groups and assisting student choreographers.

  4. To advocate for ballet in the dance program and university as a whole. We will represent the interests of ballet to decision-makers and will provide input on how to improve the dance program.

  5. To promote the arts as a whole at Stanford by: collaboration with the Music Department and other art departments/groups on campus; performing in various campus extracurricular and departmental programs.

  6. To cultivate fellowship at Stanford and the nearby public with community outreach events. We will open performances to the public and present interactive programs, such as those designed for younger audiences.