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Schema location probe apical.jpg

The apical echographic window is located at the apex of the left ventricle (apical impulse). In a supine ventilated patient, the LV apex can be more medial.

The direction of the probe is toward the right shoulder of the patient, the notch at 2 or 3 o'clock.

Apical views are very useful for

-evaluation of left and right ventricle function

-assessment of mitral, aortic and tricuspid regurgitation or/and stenosis

-(evaluation of left ventricle diastolic funtion and filling pressure)

You will start with getting the apical 4 chamber view. Once you have obtained all informations from apical 4 chamber, you can tilt the probe upwards to visualize the LV outflow tract and the aortic valve which are more anterior, and get the apical 5 chamber view.

When you rotate your probe 90° counterclockwise, the right chambers will disappear from the imaging plane, you will get the 2 chamber view.

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