Left ventricle segmentation

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The interpretation of wall motion abnormality is difficult and requires experience. This chapter is only indicative and you should not try to analyze walls motion. If you need to assess walls motion or if you suspect an abnormality, you must ask for a reference echo realized by an experimented sonographer and interpreted by an experienced cardiologist.

LV walls segmentation:

In 2002, the American Heart Association Writing Group on Myocardial Segmentation and Registration for Cardiac Imaging, recommended a 17-segment model for LV segmentation.

LV segmental analysis.jpg

Coronary arteries distribution:

This schema indicates the most frequent distribution of coronary arteries blood flow.

LV distribution coronary arteries.jpg


Cerqueira M.D., Weissman N.J., Dilsizian V., Jacobs A.K., Kaul S., Laskey W.K., et al. Standardized myocardial segmentation and nomenclature for tomographic imaging of the heart: a statement for healthcare professionals from the Cardiac Imaging Committee of the Council on Clinical Cardiology of the American Heart Association. Circulation (2002) 105:539–542

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