PSS level of the mitral valve

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PSS mitral valve legends.jpg

-RV: right ventricle, at the top of the image.

-IVS: inter-ventricular septum. This view is very interesting to study the IVS. You can see a D-shape of a flattening of the IVS, which is a sign of RV overload or pressure.

-MV: the mitral valve is in the center of the image. In diastole it has a "fish-mouth" appearance. The anterior leaflet is on the top, closer to the RV, the posterior leaflet is at the bottom of the image (cf schema above). If you put color Doppler on the mitral valve, it will help you to determine the origin of the regurgitant jet. You can determine the timing of mitral regurgitation, with color Doppler and M-mode, which will allow you to compare the beginning of the regurgitation to the opening and closing of the MV.

PSS schema MV.jpg

Schema of the posterior and anterior leaflets of the mitral valve, with the subdivisions of each leaflet in 3 scallops (1=lateral, 2=middle, 3=medial)

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