Right ventricle size and shape

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Right ventricle size

The thickness of the RV walls is measured on the inferior wall, in diastole, in parasternal long axis or in subcostal 4 chamber view.

RV thickness PSL.jpg
RV thickness subcostal4.jpg


Normal 2-3 mm Hypertrophy >5mm

The size of the RV is estimated in comparison to the size of the LV, in apical or subcostal 4 chamber view. There is a

RV dilatation if RV size > 2/3 LV size

Right ventricle shape

The shape of the RV is best evaluated in parasternal short axis view, at the level of the mitral valve. In normal conditions, the RV shape is a crescent at the top of the LV.

If a pressure or volume RV overload occurs, the end-diastolic pressure of the RV will exceed this of the LV and the septum will be flat, then will bow toward the LV in end-diastole first, then in systole too.

Schema RV overload paradoxical septum.jpg

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