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Right ventricle anatomy

The right ventricle is the most anterior cardiac chamber. It has 3 main components:

  • Inlet: tricuspid valve, chordae tendineae, and papillary muscles
  • Trabeculated apical myocardium
  • Infundibulum, or conus, which corresponds to the smooth myocardial outflow region

Its shape is triangular when viewed from the side and crescent shaped when viewed in cross section.

Echocardiographic windows

 A video example of normal right ventricle size and function is displayed in the images library.

Parasternal long axis

The right ventricle is the chamber at the top of the image, the closest to your probe. In this view you will visualize the right ventricle outflow tract. This view will give you an idea of the RV size and function.

Normal echo parasternal long.JPG

PSS aortic valve legends.jpg

Parasternal short axis

  • At the level of the basis of the heart (aortic valve at the center of the image), you will visualize the RA on the left of the screen, RV outflow tract at the top of the screen. You will see the tricuspid valve between the RA and the RV. This can be a good view to look for tricuspid regurgitation and estimate the right ventricle systolic pressure.

  • PSS mitral valve legends.jpg
    At the level of the mitral valve, you can visualize both RV and LV. This is the best view to look for an abnormal motion of the septum, which would indicate a RV pressure or volume overload. Under normal loading and electrical conditions, the septum is concave toward the LV in both systole and diastole. If you have RV overload, the septum will be flat, then concave toward the RV in diastole, then in systole.


Apical 4 chamber

The right ventricle is on the left of the screen. In this view you can look at the size and function of the RV. If the probe is too medial or too high, you may overestimate the size of the RV compared to the size of the LV. Apical 4 chamber view is also a good view to look for a tricuspid regurgitation and estimate right ventricle systolic pressure.



Subcostal 4 chamber

The right ventricle is the chamber closest to you, next to the liver. This is a good view to look for RV size, wall thickness and function.

Subcostal 4 chamber.jpg
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