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A "Korean" Wave: Kenan's Research Update on Japanese/Korean Pop Influence on Chinese Youth

After doing a little research, some unique perspectives have been opened up about the kind of media and characteristics of Japanese/Korean "waves". The topic has been explored and touched on by many news sources including magazines, periodicals but the reasons for these waves have not gone back into history. I would like to explore further whether this "wave" has spread only to the metropolis or if it has spread all throughout China. I also realized that new "books" or research material on the relatively new waves will not be available, so I must seek out sources about pop culture or contemporary trends in Japan and Korea and synthesize these sources for my own project. My research so far has consisted of documentaries, books, interview source, and online databases. The online databases so far has been the most specific about my topic, or pertinent.


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It seems like an interesting topic. I have wondered why plastic surgery is very prevalent in Korea, and why Korean culture is popular in China. I definitely want to read your paper. =] Also, You have many kinds of resources!

Thank you for the great post!

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