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Community Service

One of the most interesting things about AUC is its clubs and organizations. It has a wide variety of clubs such as community service, entertainment and educating clubs. One of these clubs is called AYB, Alashanek Ya Balady. It is an Arabic word which means “for you my country”. It is a student-led community service club which mainly aims to achieve sustainable development at Ein Elsera which is a poor district in old Cairo where people have some problems like low income, computer illiteracy and language problems. This club has started at AUC since 2002, but now it has four chapters in other governmental Egyptian universities. AYB consists of two main bodies. The first one is OC, stands for organizing committees which mainly works on campus. They are divided into smaller committees which are responsible for AYB’s public relations in campus, raising fund and making documentaries about AYB. They also design flyers, posters, banners and booths. This picture shows AYB booth which was for “Be Positive” campaign which urges students to be positive and do their best to improve their country.
upload 1.jpg

The second body of AYB is Programs. It consists of many programs which work on Ein Elsera. These programs are committed to computer learning, micro projects funding, youth development, English development, charity and eliminating illiteracy. All this is done by students who go to Ein Elsera to teach people computer so that they may enter ICDL exam for free, teach them English and Arabic for illiterate people and also developing youth by teaching them noble values. They also give loans to people at Ein Elsera so that they may embark on projects to raise their income. There are also donations which are organized by charity program. This photo is taken from Ein Elsera where some of AUC students are celebrating with people at Ein Elsera in the end of the year.
upload 3.jpg

Another aim of AYB rather than developing people in Ein Elsera is to develop students at AUC like any other club or organization on campus. A lot of trainings are provided for members and also for other students to teach them computer programs that they shall use through the year like Photoshop and Sony Vegas. It also gives members the opportunity to gain experience through dealing with people outside campus. It also teaches them other skills like tutoring skills for people at Ein Elsera. All these activities which students practice are aiming to prepare students for the real. That’s why students are encouraged to be engaged in such activities. This photo shows a trainer giving AYB lecture about self awareness and leaving a legacy.
upload 2.jpg

Last year, AYB won the third place for MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship and it was awarded 1000$. Although this prize provides AYB members with happiness and confidence that they are on the right track, I think that their real prize was the smile on people’s face at Ein Elsera. There are also other community service clubs at AUC rather than AYB like Help Club or Glow. You can benefit your country through working in such organization and that is your role as a good citizen who cares about others and about his country.

Ahmed Kenawy
Andrew Youssef


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community work is interesting and good for society

I always respect and honor people doing community work. You just can see how much they dedicated themselves to this kind of endeavor even without expecting something in return!

AYB looks like a great group! Helping a poor district through sustainable development projects sounds like difficult but very rewarding work. Stanford's students are also involved in community service, especially in a community nearby that is not very wealthy and has an education system that needs a lot of help (the town is called East Palo Alto). I really admire the members of AYB for their work, and thank you both for this interesting post!

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I guess I'm gonna need to read up some more, but this is a good strting point.

Interesting how teaching English is a common theme yet that is often discouraged to new U.S. immigrants. English, for better or worse, is the most unifying language ever to exist. Spanish is a strong second though

I think that it is great that you are teaching U.S Immigrants English. Congratulations

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Although it is apparent that community service benefits others in some way, before creating

and maintaining widespread programs, policymakers would like to know how exactly students

themselves benefit from participation in these activities. A great deal of research has been done

on this subject, resulting in evidence for multiple kinds of benefits. Among the most significant

gains reported are the psychological, social, and cognitive benefits experienced by students.

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