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AUC Sports Complex

Aucians have been waiting for a long time for the opening of the sports center in the new campus in Katameya. They endured a lot in the old campus due to the limited facilities that were provided. For this reason they were waiting for the new sports center to fill up their expectations and cover their needs. In fact, the new sports center provides a lot of facilities to AUC society, both students and staff. There is an outdoor zone containing two basketball courts and two handball courts.

There are four tennis courts where our colleagues who are members of the AUC team practice at. Two soccer pitches are also built on a very high standard so that the university could host important matches and championships. 21102009169.jpg
Moreover, the new AUC sports center has a big gym containing 3 rooms of different equipments of the latest edition which persuade students to exercise regularly during their spare time. We usually go there to jog or lift some weights! An enormous indoor court is available for practicing sports such as basketball, handball & volleyball. It also has a track in its upper floor to be used by athletes.

21102009170.jpg 21102009172.jpg

The sports center should also include a swimming pool. However, it did not function till the moment due to some technical problems. In fact, this is causing some problems to the members of the swimming and water polo teams as they are not able to train within the entire campus. As a result, they are forced to exercise outside the campus which makes them fatigue and uncomfortable. Lockers are also available in the new sports center to be used by any exerciser. In addition, the AUC teams compete in different competitions either national or international ones. Trainers are very experienced and they schedule daily practices for the teams. Most of the AUC teams such as football, handball, basketball and volleyball had travelled to different countries such as Turkey and Malaysia in order to play against universities of these countries. Furthermore, the AUC sports center gives a lot of rewards for students who accomplish great sport achievments. In fact, the new sports center had met the Aucians expectations to a big extent. In addition, the sports center now has many new sports which weren't there such as boxing and rowing. To enhance the sports complex GoGo juice and Cilantro Café are also present for athletes to grab a drink after their exercising. AUCians do not use the sports complex as much; we're always busy eating at the food court or just chillin' anywhere..
Aly El-Deeb
Ahmed Maged


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Hey Aly and Ahmed,

Those facilities look great! We also have a lot of nice athletic facilities at Stanford. Most students here engage in some kind of physical activity, whether it is intramural sports, varsity level sports, or visiting the fitness center to work out. Health is a big deal on campus here. There is even an intercollegiate competition to see which of the west coast universities exercises the most!


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I agree with Jonathan - your sports facilities look really nice! I particularly like the palm trees behind your soccer/track field. That's kind of a bummer to hear that not too many kids take advantage of those great new facilities. To echo Jonathan, everybody here does something active. One of our campus newspapers just wrote an article on how it's impossible to not get exercise here on campus. You have to either bike or walk to classes and then there are so many other ways to do physical activities (and they're fun too). I'm sure in the spring this may become a more sweaty affair, but for now the weather is pretty conducive to lots of physical fitness without the sun exhausting us!

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Very interesting to read it :P :D

It is a great news for AUC society because they were waiting for it since long time.I think it is a perfect sport complex that will get popularity as got older one. Because new campus consists of basketball courts and two handball courts, big gym, a swimming pool as well.

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this is a cool news. Thank you.

The facility looks very nice. Your style of writing started rather slow and stilted, but became more animated toward the end. To write a good blog post, use some passion for the subject. As we all can see, the new complex has a lot of things to be passionate about!

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Looks good! Great pictures!

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Thats a really huge gym. A great facility indeed.

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That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

I was an athlete when in college, I was actually in college volleyball team. But we didn't have anything close to this kind of complex. You guys are so lucky. Miss those times...

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