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The future of music production: Home studio recording

In the 60's, 70's and 80's, recording producers and engineers relies on analog systems for music production. All of these gears such as the mixing console, effects units, etc are analog based. Many expensive and big studios are still using analog based recorders because it is reliable and can produce great quality. These gears can be very expensive and only big commercial recording studios can afford.

In the early 90's, digital audio start to became popular; music can be easily created and produced using a digital audio workstation as simple as your personal computer. I believe that in the near future, singer/songwriters will not only be doing songwriting but as well as producing their own album at home.

home recording studio

One advantage is lower music production costs, all the artist/songwriters needs to have are the following:
a.) DAW (digital audio workstation) - Personal computer either Windows, Mac or Linux based.
b.) Digital audio recording software - Audacity(free) and other commercial based software like Pro tools, Cubase and Adobe Audition.
c.) Knowledge in digital music production - this can be practiced at home and there are a lot of websites offering free training materials in home recording and audio mixing tips.
d.) Quality monitors - there are lot of affordable nearfield studio monitors sold in Ebay, etc.

Do you like to create your own music at home? You might need to get started with your own home studio.


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