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Proposal--Can Osteoprorsis develop other diseases

I wonder if Osteoporosis refers to fracture and bone loss. I have read a lot about Osteoporosis, which can cause by whether age, ethnicity, body weight or gender. However, I was thinking if either of these causes are the main problem to develop Osteoporosis. Which gender is the one that may develop Osteoporosis more than other? Is Osteoporosis is a genetic disorder? What are some of the symptoms of Osteoporosis and the diagnosis that can cure this disease? Well, there are many medicines out in the market, which can cure this disease but not completely. I am also familiar with some medicines that my mother takes because she is also a patient of Osteoporosis. Moreover, I read in science news that Osteoporosis patients need to intake certain daily dietary that can also help them to build their bones strong and denser. Therefore, I will search for the list of dietary which Osteoporosis need to intake every day. I will also search for the other cures that can help Osteoporosis. Calcium is very important for Osteoporosis because it can make one’s bones healthier and strong. I also wonder what are the other mainly diseases that associated with Osteoporosis? What are some tests that can detect Osteoporosis in the early age? I know that if a person is diabetics it can develop other diseases such as high or low cholesterol, heart disease or Osteoporosis. Therefore, I was thinking if osteoporosis could also develop other diseases.


The topic of how osteoporosis is related to other diseases sounds interesting. You have proposed dozens of questions in this proposal and I would be interested to know which you plan to address in your paper. One subject relating to the dietary requirements of those with osteoporosis that I find particularly interesting is that while calcium is vital for skeletal health, many foods, such as milk, that contain significant quantities of calcium can actually deplete the calcium in bones. While I am not an expert on this topic, my understanding is that when foods contain large amounts of protein which is acidic, it must be neutralized by a basic compound such as calcium which is then pulled out of the bones. If you intend to explore the dietary requirements of osteoporosis patients this could be something to consider. However, you could probably write a successful paper exclusively on the relationship between osteoporosis and other disease if that is the area you find most interesting.

A lot of the issues you are interested in researching are generally well known. What have you found that is possibly more controversial or a new development? You might want to look at the idea that women who consume higher levels of calcium and vitamin D earlier in their lives seem to have lower incidences of osteoporosis or osteopenia. Do you think the current U.S. government dietary recommendations are appropriate for preventing these diseases, based on current research? It is not clear in your proposal if you are attempting to argue something about these diseases, or if you are presenting the current state of the debate on research about osteoporosis/osteopenia. Your idea of linking osteoporosis to the potential development of other diseases is interesting and potentially useful as a research topic.

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