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Character of Russian women

Hello!!! My name is Julia! I am from Khabarovsk. I want to tell you about the character of Rissian women!

We have a great proverb, attributed to our own character. It sounds like this: Russian soul is a fathomless mystery. It does not mean that we cannot understand what we want, what priorities we have etc. But for some foreigner it becomes very difficult to understand Russian lifestyle and habits. The reason of such incomprehension is in Russian character, which is a bit different from American or European ones.
First thing you should know is that the Russian men, the same as women, have a very strong spirit. According to the history of the state, where there were lots of wars and territorial conflicts, you may figure out that the nation, which has sustained it all, should be compounded of really aspiring and self-assured people. And this is quite natural.
Russian women have an extraordinary ability of being great "stairs". They are patient when it comes to hardship; they are obedient if talking about their husbands’ supremacy. Nevertheless, Russian women were always treated with respect and decent esteem. There is another Russian proverb, which concerns ladies and their character. “Russian woman is not afraid of entering the burning house and is strong enough to stop a horse at full tilt”.
One of the main advantages of this nation’s women is self-devotion and allegiance, which becomes world-known from the times of Russian queens’ government.
Foreign princes always longed for the Russian regal beauties, because of their fame of being constant and staunch. They stayed by their husbands’ side in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, till the very end.
Russian women are famous world-wide for being tender and affectionate. They get used to one person, which becomes the essence of their living. Family and married life are the final aims of every Russian woman, the so-called destination points.
The process of husband-choosing is not fast, and sometimes many years may pass until a couple finally decides to formalize their relationships. It was always essential in Slavic countries to choose the right husband, the person who may not be rich, but will respect his wife and become a good father for his children.
Practically, every man wants to find a good, decent and reliable wife. Russian wife is much more than this. Another significant fact, which becomes visible only when living together, is an ability to be practical and thrifty. This feature, probably acquired long ago with the help of Russian uneasy past, can be attributable to practically every Russian woman.
And, finally, Russian beauty. Lots of French poets were glorifying their home ladies, concerning them to be the most admirable and magnificent creatures in the world. When some of these poets were coming to Russia they usually changed their mind.


Wow, much generalizations about a whole country of women.
Many of the things you say about the women of your country could be said about many other countries as well.
I'm not so sure this is an objective and credible review of the female of Russia.
Perhaps your last sentence highlights the skewed opinion you have of your own.

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