Halloween Costumes

Well, it’s about that time of year again. You look into your closet, wonder which clothes you can throw on to make you look vaguely like a cat, a witch, or – throwback to elementary school (at least for me) – a big brown paper lunch bag…

Instead of settling for boring, we’re offering some more appealing, literary-themed Halloween costumes….

  • Grab a friend and dress up as Innocence and Experience!
  • …or a Lamb and a Tyger  (props for actually looking like Blake’s Tyger… Google “stuffed animal tiger” or “most unrealistic representation of a feline ever” for inspiration)
  • …or go as two chimney sweepers  – one who doesn’t like his parents very much and one named Tom (for this one, make sure you a) look like you just woke up from a dream, b) act a little too happy, and c) go around moralizing).

Or, if for some unfathomable reason, Blake’s not your thing (in which case you should just leave, now. Do you even go here?), you could opt for some costumes inspired by other literature (as if there is any other literature)…

  • The Great Catsby: a flapper cat
  • The Great Ratsby: a flapper rat
  • The Great Batsby: a flapper bat
  • The Great Satsby: a flapper who perpetually sits … in the past tense… (this one’s a little weak)
  • A Bell Jar
  • Dress like Atlas and shrug a lot
  • Dress like an atlas and shrug a lot
  • Be a bunch of grapes and act wrathful
  • Make your hair look wind-swept, cover yourself with dust, and dress up as a toad: Nametag? Tom Toad. (Am I the only one who thought Tom Joad was a ridiculous name?)
  • An orange clock (bring some homework for this one.. ehh. heh.)
  • A windmill from Don Quixote. (NB: Prepare to be chased around by anyone dressed up as a knight with slightly loose marbles.)
  • Dress up like a house, have a nametag that says “Usher’s pad,” and fall over a lot.
  • Dress up like a flower bud, and insist everyone calls you Billy
  • Grab a friend and go as “This Side of Paradise” and “That Side of Paradise”
  • Dress up as a horse. Canter along. Pretend to bury something with a hoof. And then flick your tail. Repeat. … (also pretty weak.)
  • Dress up as a duchess, make a portrait frame and attach it to your body, then go around making eyes at other people.
  • A sign that says “EXPECTATIONS” in big lettering
  • Look like you just woke up and have a name tag that says “Finnegan”
  • Walk in and out of the room, talking about Michelangelo. (If you’re not female, slap a wig and dress on for this one.)
  • Have a nametag that says “Norton” and go around looking critically at everyone.
  • Dress like the sea and grab an old man to bring with you
  • Be-a-wolf … (this one’s also a little weak.)
  • Dress up like a heart and tell tales.
  • Or… don’t show up at all, and say your costume was the Invisible Man

Happy Halloween from the English Department!

(Huge thanks to Vanessa for helping me brainstorm these)

(So this blog post might have been done as a joke, but if you guys actually do any of these, or come up with your own clever costume, take a picture and send it to me (stweston@stanford.edu). Best one gets published on the blog, go! AND FIVE THOUSAND DOLL- … nope.)

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