Peer advising office hours begin


The English Department is announcing the start of peer advising office hours for Autumn 2012. Beginning the week of Oct. 8-13th, peer advisor Kyle O’Malley (’13) will be available on Mondays and Wednesdays, in building 460, Margaret Jack’s Hall, room 207, between 1pm and 3pm to meet with students interested in talking about issues related to their courses of study in the department.

These hours are interim hours and students should expect forthcoming announcements regarding the selection of new peer advisors and their respective office hours.

The peer advising team is here to help students in English and Creative Writing, both declared and undeclared, make fully-informed decisions about topics like the following:

- Declaring English
- Choosing between advisors (both general and for theses)
- Honors theses
- Independent study
- Writing resources
- Getting involved in literary life at Stanford
- Structuring your four year plan 
- Going abroad
- Majors, minors, and secondary majors (oh my!)


Students should feel comfortable simply dropping by 460-207 MW 1-3pm, but are also encouraged to contact Kyle (komalley at stanford dot edu) ahead of time to set up a meeting. Note: Advance notice usually allows advisors to prepare more thoroughly for advising meetings by gathering relevant resources. 

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