Meet Kyle O’Malley (again)!

Kyle O’Malley, a veteran Peer Advisor, is back for another year! He’s a senior (THIRTEEN!) majoring in English with a concentration in Literature. His office hours are from 1pm-3pm on Mondays and 1pm-2pm on Wednesdays.

As a returning advisor, Kyle is an excellent resource for all undergrads. Whether you’re an undeclared and undecided freshman (or sophomore…or junior…) or a senior trying to figure out which English classes you just can’t miss before you graduate, he’s the guy for you.

Kyle loves Victorianism and Modernism (~1850-1950) and Postmodernism. (Picture the love child of Dickens, Pound, and Nabokov, if you can. Something along the lines of The Lolita Copperfield Cantos.) Kyle’s favorite authors are Vladimir Nabokov and Henry James, so it should come with little surprise that Kyle’s favorite book is Lolita, and he is writing a thesis on James’s Portrait of a Lady.

I recently had the chance to ask Kyle some of journalism’s toughest questions. You know, things like “What’s your Hunger Games strategy?” and “Who would you be in a game of Clue?”

Favorite place to read?  In bed during a golden afternoon.
Favorite place to write? The darker and lonelier the better.
If you could meet up with a literary character, who would it be? I would agree to “the ceremony known as afternoon tea,” as James puts it, with Isabel Archer.
How would you change the ending of a popular literary work? Lady MacBeth would survive the play.
Create an Ike’s sandwich. “The Groucho” – served on “wry” bread, complete with a pair of those silly mustache-nose-glasses.
What would your strategy be in the Hunger Games? “beta female”
What’s your favorite style of poetry? Free verse
Clue character/room/weapon. Colonel Mustard, in a Stanford dining hall, with a waffle maker.

Remember, you’ve got two chances per week to catch Kyle during his office hours: 1pm-3pm on Mondays and 1pm-2pm on Wednesdays!

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