Meet Sarah Weston!

Sarah Weston is one of your new Peer Advisors! She’s a junior (FOURteen!) majoring in English with Creative Writing and minoring in Art History. Her office hours are from 10am-12pm on Thursdays, but you can also catch her wearing a different hat during her Creative Writing Peer Advisor office hours from 2:30pm-3:30pm on Wednesdays.

I challenge you to find a better student to talk to about grants and research opportunities. As a freshman, Sarah received a Small Grant from the UAR to travel the UK during the summer studying William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence and of Experience.” Sarah was also a recipient of the Chappell-Lougee Grant last year. She used her grant to study Blake’s technique of etching and printing from an expert in the field, and then applied what she had learned to create her own set of “Songs of Innocence and of Experience.” And then she topped off her summer by curating an exhibit for Special Collections at Green Library. You can see the exhibit on the Seven Medieval Liberal Arts and the idea of a Medieval Student this coming winter in the library! (Sarah declined to comment on whether she might have the secret superpower to cram 36 hours into each day.)

Sarah plans to attend graduate school, specializing in British (and maybe American) Romantic Poets/Romanticism. Come chat with her about the loves of her life: British Literature from 1660-1850, and Emily Dickinson.

I interviewed Sarah recently and hit her with the hard questions. You know, things like “What Ike’s sandwich would you create?” and “Which literary character is most likely to go fountain hopping?”

How would you change the ending to a popular story? King Arthur cheats on Guinevere with Gawain.
Create a literary hashtag. #afarewelltohemingway
Create an Ike’s sandwich. The Hamlet: ham, watercress, provolone, tuna, roast beef, and honey mustard; not served on bread. [Editor’s note: No bread?? “To be, or not to be a sandwich?”]
Literary character most likely to go fountain hopping? Ophelia
Literary character most likely to win FMOTQ bingo? Hester Prynne
Favorite form of poetry? Limmerick
Create a ridiculous use of figurative language. She was as hot as the —– — [I'm not censoring anything here and Sarah didn’t swear. I just can’t read my own handwriting.] of a habanero pepper in the middle of the Sahara while wrapped in leg warmers.
Clue character/room/weapon. Professor Plum, in the billiards room, with a candlestick.

Come see Sarah and pick her brain while you can! She will be abroad at Oxford in the Spring quarter of this year, where she will be taking two tutorials: one on nunneries in 18th century literature (yeah, you read that correctly) and one on fairy and folk tales/legends in both literature and art. If you’ve managed to get through this whole doozy of a blogpost without abandoning your computer in a mad rush to find Sarah, one of the kindest people you will ever meet, just remember that you can catch her during her office hours: 10am-12pm on Thursdays!

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