Upcoming events and deadlines. If you have any events you’d like to see on the calendar, just leave a message in the comments and we will add it on!


Feb 4 (Tues): A Reading by Louise Gluck, the Mohr Visiting Poet, 8pm in Cemex Auditorium

Feb 6 (Th): Thursday Tea, 3:30-5pm, Undergraduate Lounge

Feb 11 (Tues): Cupcake Mixer, 4-5:30pm, Terrace Room

Feb 12 (Wed): A Reading by Richard Bausch, the Stein Visiting Writer, 8pm

Feb 13 (Th): Enlightenment Networks, 12pm in Pigott Hall Room 216

Feb 19 (Wed): Stegner Reading with Rosalie Moffett and Rachel Smith, 6:30pm in the Terrace Room

Feb 20 (Th): Thursday Tea, 3:30-5pm, Undergraduate Lounge


Mar 3 (Mon): A Reading by Nikky Finney, Part of the Lane Lecture Series, 8pm

Mar 4 (Tues): CSN Event: Larry Buell with Gavin Jones, 5:30pm in the Terrace Room

Mar 11: Deadline for Poetry into Film Contest, 4pm

Mar 13 (Th): “Writing about London ‘bookscape’ before 1800: the archive and the digital”, 5pm in the Terrace Room

Mar 15: Deadline for Honors Applications


Apr 14 (Mon): A Reading by Kathryn Harrison, Part of the Lane Lecture Series, 8pm

Apr 17 (Th): Ian Watt Lecture: Michael McKeon, 5:30 pm in the Levinthal Hall of the Humanities Center

Apr 25 (Fri): Milton in the Long Restoration, all day in the Humanities Center


May 9 (Fri): CSN Conference: Sciences & Fiction, 9am in the Terrace Room

May 22 (Th): English Honors Conference

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