Dear Friends:

The Stanford Division of Oncology announces the opening of our Cancer Genetics Clinic providing services for individuals concerned about a heritable cancer predisposition. Our multidisciplinary team of genetic counselors, geneticists and oncologists provide coordinated, integrated consultations with an appreciation for the complex social and psychological issues related to familial cancer risks.

James Ford, M.D., Director, Stanford Program for Applied Cancer Genetics
A Cancer Genetics Clinic consultation starts with detailed personal and family history evalutations, which allow us to estimate the risk that an individual carries and inherited cancer gene mutation. Genetic counseling involves education about inherited cancer susceptibility and genetic testing, discussion about the psychological and social concerns related to an increased risk and the familial implications of hereditary cancer syndromes. Medical options for risk management and risk reduction including surveillance, chemoprevention and prophylactic surgery are then considered. We hope to restore a sense of confidence and control to patients facing significant cancer risks.