Chicanos/Latinos in Health Education (CHE), was started in 1972 after recognition of the need to increase the number of Chicano/Latino premedical students. The central purpose of CHE is to provide academic, professional, cultural, and social support to Chicanos and Latinos pursuing careers in the areas of science and medicine while at Stanford University. Our fundamental goal is to promote the education of culturally aware physicians, scientists, and health care providers by instilling members with a sense of duty toward the community. CHE offers academic resources as well as opportunities for community service and mentorships through involvement with local health fairs, the Center of Excellence, Arbor Free Clinic, Pacific Free Clinic, and Stanford med student mentors. You do not have to be pre-med or Chicano/Latino to join.


Join this dynamic and passionate group of Stanford students!
We meet every other Thursday at 9pm in El Centro Lounge starting 10/4/12

For more information, please contact Magali Sanchez at