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Example Four-Year Plans

The Chemistry major is among the most highly tracked at Stanford (outside engineering), but the major can be completed quickly, so students have a lot of flexibility in scheduling classes, studying abroad, and other academic interests.

Majors make two tracking decisions during the Freshman year (although the Chemistry major can be completed comfortably in three years). The first decision is whether to take general chemistry at a rapid or relaxed pace. Both tracks lead to the same place by Winter of the Sophomore year. The second tracking decision is to take the labs on-track or off-track. On-track means that labs are taken concurrently with their corequisite lectures. It is possible to move from on-track to off-track, but not vice-versa. We therefore recommend that students begin on-track and switch tracks in the Sophomore or Junior years based on their academic goals.

Listed below are example four-year plans for a range of academic paths. There are many ways to complete the requirements , these are intended only to illustrate the most common routes. Student advisors in the Chem Club, faculty in the Chemistry Department, and staff with the Undergraduate Advising Center are all available to answer questions.

Last Year's Events

May 10, 2006

FRIDAY 5/12 Noon
Outside of MUDD

Hi guys,
We will be having pizza, this Friday 5/12 at noon. We will be outside of Mudd. We will have your Alchemy Society T-shirts, if you have not picked up yet (Cost $5). We also have a demo coming up on Saturday May 27th, at the SWE exploring new worlds event. More details on Friday. Hope to see you there.

February 20, 2006

Your wait for an Alchemy Society T-shirt is over! Check out the design by following this link .

If you want one, please email Ben Stanzl .
Use Alchemy Society T-Shirt as the subject of your email and include your name and the size you want (S, M, L, XL).
The price for a shirt will be $7-$10.
Orders must be received by Friday, March 3rd and should be available for pick up before Spring Break.
--Edwin and Ben

January 24, 2006

Alchemy Society Core Mailing List

Hey guys,
I just created a mailing list for all the officers in the Alchemy Society so now we don't have to keep typing in everyone's email addresses when we want to meet and plan stuff. Yaaay!
Also, as your webmaster, I need to start putting some updates on the website. So, if all the officers can send me a brief profile describing yourself and a picture of yourself, that would be awesome. The format of your profile should look like this:
Officer Position
Interesting fact about myself
What I like most about Chemistry =)
If you guys have any suggestions for what to put on the website, feel free to email me.

January 17, 2006

First Alchemy Society Meeting

Meeting on Monday, Jan. 23 at Beefeaters (the Suites Eating Club). Naveen will be speaking to us about a collaboration with the Society of Physics Students. We will also be talking about two shows that we are planning on doing this quarter and some other fun stuff.

Meeting Notes

January 12, 2006

Harker School Visit

Hi guys,
The kids from Harker School contacted me again. They want to come by the week of February 6. They say any day would work after 4:30. The event would last for about an hour. Hopefully some of you still remember what you wanted to present on last quarter. Let me know which day works best for you. I need to know ASAP so they can schedule their transportation.

November 30, 2005

Alchemy Society Faculty Lunch

Professor Eric Kool (You probably know him from Chem 33, or some of you older students from Chem 131 as well) will be having lunch with us at NOON on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6 at the picnic tables outside of the Mudd building. If the weather is poor, we will meet in the Chemistry Gazebo across from Mudd. I hope nobody objects to Chinese food. If you have any objections or special requests, email me.

November 2, 2005

Alchemy Society: New Executive Committee

Hi everyone,
We want to announce the selection of our new officers. Here they are.
Sylvan Baca - VP
Robin Brown - VP
Yvonne Kung - Administrative Assistant
David Trieu - Webmaster
Jian Cui - Social Chair
Jillian Wong - Community Service/Public Relations Officer
We congratulate these six and look forward to working with them throughout the coming year. Thanks also to everyone else who applied.
Edwin and Ben

Research Night
Monday March 7th, 6-8 pm

Are you interested in getting involved in research in Chemistry or Biology?
Do you want to learn about Stanford's pre-grad program?
Want to find out how to apply for summer research grants and fellowships?
Then ...

come to the Chemistry Club's annual Research Night, which will take place on:
Monday, March 7th from 6-8 pm
in the Chemistry Gazebo (the one closest to Mudd)
We will be hearing from three speakers:
Brian Thomas, associate director of Undergraduate Research Programs
Tim Stearns, Biology professor
Daniel Stack, Chemistry professor
Dinner will be provided at the event.
We hope to see you all there!
--Ben, Edwin, Scott, and Tatiana (Chem Club Exec Committee)

Science Demo at Slater Elementary
Friday Jan 28, 1:00 pm

Community Day 1
Community Day 2

We will be holding a science demonstration for students at Slater Elementary in Menlo Park on Friday, January 28th, at 1 pm. Demos are a lot of fun, and anyone interested in teaching is especially encouraged to come. The planning meeting will be Monday, January 24th, at 12 pm in at the Chemistry Majors Lounge (2nd floor of Mudd, on the East side). We will serve pizza on Monday so please RSVP to Edwin so we know how much food to get. If you can't make it on Monday you can still do the demo on Friday, just email Edwin to find out where to meet for transportation to the school.

Faculty Lunch with Professor Jennifer Kohler

Tuesday Nov 9th, 12:15-1:00 pm at LINX

Thanks to all of you for coming to our first meeting of the year. We had an amazing turn out. As promised our first faculty lunch of the quarter is coming up. We invited Jennifer Kohler, a new professor of organic chemistry. If you want more info on her research interests check out this link http://www.stanford.edu/dept/chemistry/faculty/kohler/ This is your chance to meet with her in an informal setting. If you are interested in doing research, this is an excellent opportunity to find out what she is working on and introducing yourself to her.
Event size is limited, email Ben Stanzl bstanzl@stanford.edu to request a spot!

2004-05 Kick-off Meeting!

The first Chem Club meeting for the 2004-05 year will be held in the Chemistry Gazebo at 12:15 pm on Wed, October 27th. Come meet the new co-presidents Ben Stanzl and Tatiana Catanzarite, along with webmaster Scott Carlson. Pizza will be served! Co-president Edwin Rodruguez is studying abroad, and will return in Winter. Sign-up for Faculty lunches and dinners with the two new professors, get involved teaching science to children, and learn about our other community and University wide activities.

Any questions or comments? Please email the webmaster .