2014-2015 Leadership

Co-President: Annie Hu

Annie is a sophomore pursuing a major in Biology. After joining Chinese Dance her freshman year, she really enjoyed her time with the group and is looking forward to another year of learning and performing Chinese dances. Outside of Chinese Dance, she is also an active volunteer in Team HBV and Stanford SPOON. When she has free time she enjoys baking, folding paper crafts, and curling up with a good book.

Co-President: Grace Geng

Grace (Qinyi) Geng comes from Vancouver and currently studies MCS and Economics. She loves Chinese traditional music and has been playing Gu Zheng, a Chinese music instrument, for 11 years. Grace joined Stanford Chinese Dance Club in her freshman year and enjoy the unique dancing style. She would love to bring the awesome Chinese Dance to more students next year.

Secretary: Danli Liang

Danli is a sophomore pursuing a major in Economics. She joined Chinese Dance in her freshman year and is excited to be back with team for another great year. In addition, Danli has been a classical pianist for the past 14 years and loves performing on stage. When not being active around campus, she can be found hanging with friends, drawing portraits, and café hopping. 

Treasurer: Catherine Dong

Catherine is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. She joined Chinese dance freshman year and did Chinese dance for a year during high school as well. On campus, she enjoys working on the staff of the Undergraduate Research Journal and participating in events with the Women in Computer Science organization.

Teaching Assistant: Courtney Urbancsik (吳雅荺)

Courtney is a freshman planning on studying Civil Engineering.  Growing up in Los Angeles, Courtney had limitless opportunities to explore its melting pot of cultures, beliefs, and ideas.  At the age of six, she dove in by joining UCLA’s Chinese Cultural Dance Club and later joined Shin Dance Academy where her dance and cultural education flourished amidst Chinese language and ethos. Over the years, she has developed an undeniably strong bond to this “foreign” culture that hints at some Chinese heritage hidden in her DNA—although her 5’8” stature and blond hair suggest otherwise. Her immersion in this once-foreign culture has imbued her with an ever-growing passion for the art of dance as well as an appreciation for its unmatched power to break down cultural barriers.

Outreach Officer: Hilary Sun

Hilary is a freshman (currently undecided but hoping to major in computer science) who loves trying new things. Besides being a part of Stanford's Chinese dance group, she also loves photography, design, and going out to random food trips late at night.

Webmaster: Joyce Kang

Joyce is a freshman planning on studying Biomedical Computation. Although born and raised in Nashville, she’s loving California for its warm weather and warmer people. Even though she had no prior dance experience, she saw a flyer for Stanford Chinese Dance at the beginning of the year and decided to try something new! On campus, Joyce also enjoys working at the Bridge, training to be an EMT, and serving as an editor for Intersect: The Journal of STS.

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