Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project -- Descendants Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to respond to these questions about your ancestor! We realize that you are unlikely to know the answers to many of these questions. That is fine. Please simply answer as many questions as you can. We greatly appreciate your sharing your time -- and your knowledge -- with our project. The Chinese Railroad Workers Project is looking for descendants who worked on the transcontinental railroad between 1865 and 1869. (But we are interested, as well, in knowing about individuals who worked on other lines during the decades that followed.)

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Note: Providing the information requested here will allow us to contact you for possible follow up. In some cases we conduct phone or online interviews. In other cases we arrange to videotape interviews. Whether or not we film your story by providing the information here you are contributing in important ways to our understanding of this important and neglected chapter of the past. We will keep your personal contact information confidential (email, mailing address and phone number). By filling out this questionnaire about your ancestor and his descendants you give us permission to use the information you provide in our research, including your own name and those of specific relatives you mention.

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Questionnaire, Part 1 -- Basic Information about Ancestor

Please fill out this survey to the best of your ability. (We refer to descendants as masculine, since the vast majority of the Chinese railroad workers were, but please tell us about your female descendants, too!)

Questionnaire, Part 2 -- Information about Ancestor's Arrival

Questionnaire, Part 3 -- Information about Ancestor's Railroad Work

Questionnaire, Part 4 -- Information about Ancestor After Railroad

Questionnaire, Part 5 -- Documents

Questionnaire, Part 6 -- Personal Impressions

Questionnaire, Part 7 -- Others to Contact

Questionnaire, Part 8 -- Stories and Anecdotes


Many thanks, again, for taking the time to share this information with us!