Chinese Workers Panel at USF

On April 11, 2017, Hilton Obenzinger, Associate Director of the Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project, joined Sue Lee, Executive Director, Chinese Historical Society of America, Paulette Liang, Chinese Railroad worker descendant, and James Zarsadiaz, Assistant Professor of History, University of San Francisco, on a panel to discuss the role of Chinese workers to build the transcontinental railroad. Paulette Liang’s presentation was particularly powerful, as she discussed her ancestor who worked on the railroad and on the accomplishments of her family in California through the years. San Francisco University President Rev. Paul Fitzgerald also spoke to introduce the panel, underscoring the relevance of the history of the Chinese railroad workers to issues today, particularly the importance of immigrants in U.S. history in an atmosphere of increasing anti-immigrant sentiment. Thanks also to Jessica Lu and Sherise Kimura, of the Gleeson Library, for organizing the event.

Panel at the event, including Associate Director Hilton Obenzinger (center)

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Obenzinger presenting to the event:

Hilton Obenzinger presenting at the Panel
USF President Rev. Paul Fitzgerald speaking before the event: