LaborFest: “The Golden Spike” Chinese and Irish Labor versus the Big Four


Lotus Yee Fong, organizer of the LaborFest panel

The Chinese American Historical Society of North America hosted a panel organized by Lotus Yee Fong, on the topic of “‘The Golden Spike’ Chinese and Irish Labor versus the Big Four.” The event on July 12 was part of the LaborFest celebration in San Francisco.

Paulette Liang, a descendant of a railroad worker, related her family’s history. Hilton Obenzinger, of the Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project, told the story of the 1867 strike of the Chinese workers in the Sierra. Loni Ding’s film “The Canton Army in the High Sierra” was screened, and CCSF Labor Professor Bill Shields and others spoke to a full house. Rick Quan, familiar to Bay Area people as a sportscaster, also attended the event.


Paulette Liang, a descendant of a Chinese railroad worker:









Hilton Obenzinger spoke about the 1867 strike by Chinese workers:

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Bay Area sports journalist and television personality Rick Quan with Hilton Obenzinger: