Research Assistants


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Kristen Lee

Kristen Lee is a recent graduate from Stanford with a major in History, focusing on the United States.  She has been part of the Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project with Professors Gordon Chang and Shelley Fishkin since its early stages in 2012.  Kristen works with both secondary and primary sources, particularly periodicals, as well as the construction of a timeline of the Chinese railroad workers’ history, and is excited to further develop new ways to understand and visualize the project’s findings.


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Asher Kaye

Asher Kaye is a sophomore from the great state of Colorado, looking out on the “purple mountains majesties” from “the fruited plain.”  He is majoring in American Studies and Psychology, and working on the Chinese Railroad Workers project after chasing down leads for the project in Denver this past summer.  Asher has a passion for history and literature, and looks forward to exploring the project from lenses of the various involved parties, their sentiments and paradigms.  In his free time, he enjoys reading fiction novels, researching random topics of interest, and making his way down the AFI’s ‘100 Years, 100 Movies’ List.


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Sarah Sadlier

Sarah Sadlier is a sophomore majoring in History, American Studies, and Iberian and Latin American Cultures. She is working with the Chinese Railroad Workers Project to document and visualize the experience of the Chinese on the Central Pacific. Sarah is excited to apply her skills from working with the Republic of Letters to the Spatial History Project. In her spare time, she acts as peer advisor for the ILAC program, is a president of the Alexander Hamilton Society Foreign Policy Club, studies languages, writes poetry, runs, dances, and smiles. Eventually, she hopes to become a professor of American history.

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