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“Invisible and Unwelcomed People”

“Golden Spike Celebrations – Chinese workers’ vintage point of Andrew J. Russell’s ‘Champagne Photo’ site”, 2008, Chinese ink on paper, 48” x 108” Zhi Lin’s series titled “Invisible…


Laning Mural at Ogden Union Station, Ogden, UT

Mr. Edward Laning (1906-1981), now recognized as one of America’s foremost muralists, was commissioned during the Roosevelt Administration, in 1935, to depict the “Wedding of the Rails” at…


“Jiu Jin Shan (Old Gold Mountain) (1994)”

Jiu Jin Shan (Old Gold Mountain) (1994), an installation by Hung Liu,  was on display in the Mills College Art Museum in Oakland, CA from January 23 through…


Breaking ground at Sacramento, Calif., Jan. 1863, for first Transcontinental Railway Southern Pacific Lines

Photographic postcard of mural. Courtesy of California Historical Society, FN-17664/CHS2013.1180


Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper

Courtesy of The Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley. BANC PIC 1963.002:0504–C