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Dogpatch Ranch: The Origins of a Chinese American Family

A film by Glenn Robert Lym as a part of his San Francisco Bay Area Video Podcast series called HERE. The whole series can be found on iTunes…


The Chinese Builders of the American Railroad

Produced by:CCTV Date of production:2009-2010 First aired:Nov. 2010, CCTV-10Producer: Xinjian Wang Director: Wu Deng Photographer: Fan Zhang



制作:中国中央电视台 制作时间:2009-2010年 首播时间:2010年11月23日-2010年11月27日, CCTV-10 制作人: 王新建 导演: 邓武 摄像: 张帆  


Transcontinental Railroad

“The Line” is a segment of Seven Wonders of the Industrial World,  a documentary/docudrama produced by BBC and originally aired in 2003-04. Narrated by Robert Lindsay and produced by…


Leland Stanford

Radio broadcasting during the era of recovery from the Great Depression was a critical factor in that recovery. The early Radio networks were recovering as well. Cash-strapped and…


Men of Iron

An original song writen by Black Irish Band member Patrick Michael Karnahan in honor of the Chinese Americans that built the Central Pacific Railroad. Band member James Nelson…