“Towards a Transpacific Archaeology of the Modern World” by Prof. Barbara Voss

Recently, Professor Barbara Voss, Director of Archaeology for the Project, published an article on historical archaeology of overseas Chinese communities, “Towards a Transpacific Archaeology of the Modern World.” Here is the abstract for the article; and a web site for Springer, a publisher of scholarly articles. You may need to pay for the article – or you can access it through a library that subscribes to the International Journal of Historical Archaeology.

Abstract: The historical archaeology of overseas Chinese communities is a rapidly growing subfield. Although historical archaeology is not widely practiced in China, there are well-developed interdisciplinary research centers that investigate the history and culture of migrants’ qiaoxiang (hometown) societies. Scholars in American Studies programs throughout Asia are also bringing new perspectives to the study of Chinese migration past and present. By collaborating with these scholars, archaeologists on the Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project are developing new chronological, geographic, spatial, and material frameworks for the interpretation of overseas Chinese archaeological sites and landscapes.