Welcome to Stanford Students for Choice!

Freedom of Choice means having power over when, whether, how, and with whom you have sex.

It means seeing the connections between misogyny, racism, class oppression, homophobia, HIV-related discrimination, and opposition to reproductive rights.

It means supporting everyone's reproductive choices– those of nuclear families, alternative families, single parents, and dual-income households - to make every child a wanted child.

Mission Statement

Stanford Students for Choice envision a world in which all people are empowered to make responsible, healthy choices concerning their bodies, sexualities, and futures. We recognize the global implications of family planning and sexual positivity, within the struggle for social justice, and assert that reproductive freedom will undermine unjust power structures.

As a consensus based community we will:

  • Facilitate political participation to defend reproductive choice through lobbying elected officials and encouraging informed voting;
  • Raise awareness and break taboos through educating and fostering dialogue; and
  • Build coalition around shared visions

Through these actions we promote:

  • Sexual positivity
  • Equal access to safer sex materials, abortion, health care and child care
  • Cultural and economic support for families of all forms

SSFC affirms the potential of open minds and whole people to radicalize the Stanford Community and beyond.