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ME289A&B: Interactive Art & Performance Design

Interactive Art & Performance Design ME289A&B Winter & Spring Quarter 2013-14

Instructors: Michael Sturtz, Sasha Leitman, and special guests

Creating interactive art and performance for the Frost Music & Art...

ME288 / TAPS 130: Live & Digital Performance

Live & Digital Performance ME 288 / TAPS 130  Fall Quarter 2013-14

Blur the lines between live and digital, performance and audience, and physical and virtual...

ME191-81 & ME391-79: Art Installations for the Frost Music & Arts Festival

ME191-81 & ME391-79 Directed Study with Michael Sturtz: Art Installations for the Frost Music & Arts Festival

This quarter long directed study gave students the opportunity to...

ME288 / TAPS130: User Centric Theatrical Experiences

User Centric Theatrical Experiences ME 288 / TAPS 130  Winter Quarter 2012-13

Through a series of lectures and prototypes, this class tackled the challenge of reinventing...