ME288 / TAPS 130: Live & Digital Performance

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Live & Digital Performance
ME 288 / TAPS 130  Fall Quarter 2013-14

Blur the lines between live and digital, performance and audience, and physical and virtual platforms.
Explore the frontiers of technology, art, and live performance through the design thinking process. 

In this class, students examined the use of digital technology in collaboration with live performance. They learned to employ the design thinking process as well as improv and theatrical techniques to create user-centric, interactive experiences where technology enables the audience to become part of and/or influence the outcome of the story or its presentation. Students were divided into small groups for prototypes that investigated and experimented with formats that blurred the lines between live and digital, performer and audience, and physical and virtual platforms.

View a list of prototypes and findings from the class in the Prototypes section.

View the final presentations here:

DSC_1449-(ZF-1602-41366-1-003)DSC_1414-(ZF-1602-41366-1-001)  DSC_1559-(ZF-1602-41366-1-004)    1452119_429249257175607_685259897_n

ReDesigning Theater teaching team

• Bill Burnett:  Executive Director: Design Program

• Jennifer Brody:  Department Chair: Theater & Performance Studies

• Michael Sturtz:  Director: ReDesigning Theater, Lecturer: ME Design

• Dan Klein:  Lecturer: TAPS and the GSB, Improvisational Leadership


With expert Consulting Engineers 

• Carr Wilkerson: System Administrator at CCRMA

• Diana Ford: UCLA Game Lab – Design Media Art Department

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