Prototype 3: “The Alpha Society” – A Multi-Level Audience

Posted on December 4th, by Mona in Prototypes. No Comments

For the third and final prototype, the class combined many of the lessons they had learned from research and earlier prototypes.  In order to investigate questions about how you attract and engage an audience, this prototype split the audience into 2 groups: the Stanford Mystery Society, and a regular audience.  Half of the audience was a group of “insiders” from the Stanford Mystery Society who had been following a series of clues placed around campus and had been given specific instructions about their participation at the event.  And the other half was a regular audience that had been attracted by flyers for an event that promised “food, friends, and fire.”  While both audiences had much of the same experience, the Stanford Mystery Society audience was constantly keeping under cover and searching for clues and, when they heard the code word, dispersed immediately.  This added a different layer of intrigue to the regular audience experience, and many regular audience members were inspired to begin following clues after the event.

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