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This project was funded by the ReDesigning Theater Seed Grant

[title of show] is a minimalist musical comedy.  The story follows Jeff and Hunter, who are two guys writing a musical…about two guys writing a musical.  Unlike traditional musicals, [title of show] is self-reflexive, allowing the viewer the opportunity to pull back the curtain on the process of creating a grassroots show.  The show is designed to give the audience the feeling that they’re watching it as it’s being created.


From the Producer

Project Goal:

There were two goals I had with this project:

1) Give the non-artists in the community a behind-the-scenes look into the creative process of putting together a show.

2) Give the artists in the community a story in which they could see themselves, and which would in turn, inspire them to create their own works.

Reflection/Audience Reception:


A basic evaluation of [title of show] would confirm we succeeded in providing a quality show.  We even drew on a giant white banner and broke the fourth wall throughout the production in order to try and be innovative.  But while these elements provide proof of the basic physical ways we tried to innovate the traditional theatre model, I believe the true success and innovation of our show was in the reaction we generated from the Stanford audience.


 Our production happened to go up on the most popular theatrical performance weekend of spring quarter.  We were competing against five other shows – all from established student groups.  Knowing we would have to compete for our audience, we offered a non-traditional late show that began at 11pm on Friday night.  We did this to give the other artists on campus, who were involved in the list of other productions, a chance to see ours.

Though we received great reviews from the student community as a whole, the reactions we got from that late show – packed with Stanford artists – were nothing short of incredible.  If the shouts and standing ovation weren’t enough, we received a barrage of emails, text messages, Facebook statuses, and personal congratulations for our work, claiming that our show had inspired others to pursue their own independent projects.  Perhaps my favorite of these reactions came in the form of this blog post.  To quote one bit, it says,

“[title of show is] a love song to all of the smart people whose parents tell them that they are throwing their lives away by trying so desperately to write, or act, or direct, or sing, or paint.  It made me so proud and so afraid to be one of those people, hanging by threads to be close to the world that we love.”

Reactions like these are why I set out to produce this show, and I will forever look back on this as my fondest theatre experience.  Thank you so much for helping me fund this project.

Next Steps:


For now, this chapter of [title of show] comes to an end.  However, after the show closed, everyone on “Team TOS” (cast, crew, production staff) was so heartbroken over the end of this great bit of artistic collaboration that we all decided to create something new this coming year at Stanford.  Without trying to sound too pretentious, I believe we inspired ourselves to create more.  As such, we will be writing, filming and releasing a web series this year, centering on the many eccentric characters that appear at a college like Stanford. Stay tuned for this and more projects to come.

Theater Seed Project: Cody Behan

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