John M. Cioffi

John M. Cioffi

Room 363, David Packard Electrical Engineering
350 Serra Mall, MC 9515
Stanford, CA 94305-9515
phone: +1 (650) 723-2150
fax: +1 (650) 724-3652

Julia Gillespie
(Administrative Assistant)

Room 365, David Packard Electrical Engineering
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Additional EE379A topics

EE 379A - Digital Communication: Signal Processing

Eye Diagram / Equalization

Programs by Atul Salvekar

Extra / works done by past students

Extra problems prepared by Vahideh Hosseinikhah

Extra problems prepared by Bassam El Khoury Seguias

Extra project by Dimitrios Bisias

Hilbert Transform Example by Andrew Stevens

Canonical factorization Tutorial how to use Matlab to do canonical factorization. prepared by Laura Diaz

Sampling, Sampling Rates, and the two-path Channel by Yang Guo

Deriving a ZF-DFE from a ZFE by Moshe Malkin

D-Transform by Jessica Heyman

In-depth review and tips for Problem 3.34 by Hoi Wong

Discrete and Continuous Time Sampling and Convolution Review and Relationships by Chien-Hsin Lee