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CITS is organized in four teams:

LES Group: the objective is to develop algorithms and physical models for the prediction of the reacting, multiphase flow within the combustor chamber. The combustor group is developing a Large Eddy Simulation code (CDP) for unstructured-grids.

RANS Group: the objective is to design numerical schemes and turbulence/transition models for simulating the flow within the compressor, the turbine and the secondary flow passages. The group develops a Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes code (TFLO) for multiblock structured grids.

Integration Group: the objective is to build the computational infrastructure for performing integrated CDP/TFLO simulations on massively parallel computers. The group is also addressing the issues related to the correct coupling of RANS/LES turbulence modeling approaches and compressible/incompressible flow solvers.

Merrimac Group: the group aims to develop software and hardware technology to apply a stream architecture to scientific computing. Brook programming language is used to develop the first applications which include simplified versions of the CITS main codes: TFLO and CDP.

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