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Principal Investigator

Dr. Bruce M. Clemens

Walter B. Reinhold Professor in the School of Engineering
President of Materials Research Society (2012)

Department: Materials Science and Engineering, Applied Physics by courtesy
Mccullough 333
476 Lomita Mall
Stanford, CA 94305
Mail Code:
Phone: 650.725.7455
Fax: 650.725.4034
Email: bmc
Administrator: Benita J. Givens
Administrator’s Email: bgivens

Bruce M. Clemens is a professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and is the Walter B. Reinhold Professor in the School of Engineering at Stanford University. His research interests include the synthesis, structure, and properties of thin film and nanostructured materials. He received his BS degree in engineering-physics from the Colorado School of Mines in 1978, and his MS and PhD degrees in applied physics from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 1979 and 1983, respectively. From 1983 to 1988, Clemens was a Senior Research Scientist and then Staff Scientist in the Physics Department at General Motors Research Laboratory. In 1988, he was an Exchange Scientist at Hughes Research Laboratory and a Visiting Professor at Caltech. In 1989, he joined the faculty at Stanford. He served as department chair from 2000 to 2005, is a member of the Photon Sciences Faculty of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, and is also a professor of Applied Physics at Stanford, by courtesy. Clemens is the author of nearly 200 scientific papers and two patents. He was the recipient of the 1995 ASM Silver Medal for Research, and is a Distinguished Achievement Medalist from the Colorado School of Mines for 2009. He serves on the technical advisory boards and as a consultant for companies that span the range from large multinationals to small start-ups. He has been an active member of MRS since 1984 and has served four times as MRS Symposium Organizer and was a Meeting Chair of the 2001 Fall Meeting. Clemens served on the MRS Board of Directors from 2002 to 2005,  vice president/president-elect in 2011 and is currently the president of MRS.

Graduate Students

Chinmay Nivargi

Department:Materials Science and Engineering
Phone: 650.725.2660
Email: chinmayn

Chinmay received his B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 2009. At Stanford, his research is focused on synthesizing low cost, earth abundant materials for photovoltaic and photocatalytic applications.

Vijay Parameshwaran

Department: Electrical Engineering
Phone: 650.725.2660
Email: vijayp

Vijay received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Duke University.  His research is focused on nanoscale III-V nitride semiconductors for electrochemistry applications.

Yesheng Yee

Department: Electrical Engineering
Email: yesheng

Yesheng received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore. He is currently a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford doing research on thin film photovoltaics based on copper-zinc-tin-sulfide, an earth-abundant and non-toxic materials system.

Ranida Wongpiya

Department: Material Science and Engineering
Phone: 650.725.2660
Email: ranidaw

Ranida received her B.Eng. in Nano-Engineering from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, in 2010. She is now a graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering department. Her research focus is on amorphous metal thin film to be used as diffusion barrier in interconnects as well as low-variability metal gate.

Antony Jan

Department: Material Science and Engineering
Email: antonyj

Antony received his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering at UCLA in 2011.  He currently works on CZTS, a thin-film photovoltaic that is based on low cost, non-toxic materials.

Brenna Gibbons

Department: Materials Science and Engineering
Email: brennamg

Brenna received her B.A in Chemistry and Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College in 2012. She is co-advised in the Clemens group in Materials Science and the Jaramillo group in Chemical Engineering. Her current project involves the sputter deposition of alloyed nanoparticles for the oxygen evolution reaction and other catalysis applications.

Ben Reeves

Department: Materials Science and Engineering

Melissa Wette

Department: Materials Science and Engineering

Melissa received her B.S. in Nanoengineering from UC San Diego in 2014. She currently works on sputtered nanoparticles for water splitting.


Dr. Chia-Jung Chung

Dr. Garrett Hayes (currently at Gallop Semiconductor, Inc.) – 2014

Dr. Joel Li (currently at SERIS) – 2014 – The study of grain boundaries in polycrystalline thin-film solar cells

Dr. Vardaan Chawla (currently at AQT Solar) – 2011 – A study of CZTS thin films for solar cell applications

Dr. Melody Grubbs – 2011 – The development of high-temperature stable amorphous metal alloy gates for the reduction of threshold voltage variability in short channel CMOS devices

Dr. Cara Beasley (currently at Applied Materials) – 2011 – Chirality distributions: effects of carbon source and growth condition changes on the single-walled carbon nanotubes grown by CVD

Dr. James (Randy) Groves (currently at Plant PV) – 2010 – Ion-beam texturing at nucleation: investigation of the fundamental mechanism of biaxial texture development in ion beam assisted deposition and applications

Dr. Ranadeep Bhowmick (currently at Lam Research) – 2010 – Kinetics of carbon nanotube growth with applications in hydrogen storage

Dr. Stephen Kelly (currently at LBNL) – 2009 – Structural and kinetic studies of metal hydride hydrogen storage materials using thin film deposition and characterization techniques

Dr. Gloria Wong (currently at Kovio) – 2008 – An investigation of the work function of metal gate electrodes for advanced CMOS applications

Dr. Aditi Chandra (currently at Kovio) – 2006 – Phase separation and applications of amorphous gold-silicon alloys

Dr. Rajesh Kelekar – 2006 – Study of potentially half-metallic Co2Cr₁₋xFex Al heusler alloys

Dr. Scott Andrews (currently at Proteus Biomedical, Inc.) – 2005 – Fabrication of magnetic nanopillars and X-ray imaging of spin-transfer phenomena

Dr. Brennan Lovelace Peterson – 2003 – Investigations of the kinetics of surfactant assisted growth of Co/Cu multilayers

Dr. Gaurav Khanna (currently at Cisco Systems) – 2001 – Structural and magnetic characterization of longitudinal recording media

Dr. Vidya Ramaswamy (currently at GE Global Research) – 2000 – Evolution of stress and microstructure during growth of metal multilayers

Dr. Frederick Bennett Mancoff – 2000 – Materials properties of NiMnSb and PtMnSb thin films for half-metallic spin-transport applications

Dr. James Mac Freitag – 2000 – Stress evolution in molybdenum/silicon multilayer mirrors for extreme ultraviolet lithography

Dr. Michael Christopher Kautzky – 1998 – Growth, structure and properties of PtMnSb-based epitaxial thin films and multilayers

Dr. Kevin P. Fahey (currently at Xradia) – 1998 – Structural and mechanical properties of electrode materials for thin film oxide perovskite device applications