2014 Group Photo

From left to right: Brenna, Chinmay, Jesse, Joel, Antony, Ranida, Professor Clemens, Chia-Jung, Vijay, Joy, Yesheng

2014 Group Outing – Kayaking in the SF Bay

Jesse, Chia-Jung, Ranida, Yesheng, Antony, Chinmay, Joel, Professor Clemens, Vijay and Trevor

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2013 Group Photo

MRS Spring 2012 Presidential Reception

(from left) Professor Bruce Clemens, Professor Stacy Bent, Vijay, Chia-Jung, Joel, Ranida, Chinmay, Yesheng

2011 Group Photo

(from left) Jean-Francois, Joel, Yesheng, Chinmay, Vijay, Chia-Jung, Ranida, Professor Stacy Bent, Steve Kelly, Professor Bruce Clemens

2010 Group


(from left) Prof. Clemens, Cara, Garrett, Joel, Randy, Chia-Jung, Moukhles, Jean-Francois, Vardaan, Vijay, Melody, Chinmay

2009 Group Photo