Our Mission: Stanford Club Baseball brings together talented players who want to continue to play competitive baseball in college.  The team allows student-athletes to balance their academic and athletic pursuits, while bonding over the game they love to play.

Our Founding: The Club Baseball team was founded in spring 2007 by Alex Ackerman-Greenberg (10), Andrew Hall (Law 09), Colin Penrose (10), Jack Lazarus (10), Mark Doing (09), Michael Sylvan (10), Sean Beausoleil (10), and Daniel Bohm (10).  We joined the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA) in August 2007, played our first unofficial game against the Bay Bears in November 2007, and played our first official NCBA game in March 2008 against UCLA at Flood Park in Menlo Park.

Our League: We compete in the Southern Pacific North Conference of the National Club Baseball Association.  The other teams in our conference are Humboldt State University, Sonoma State University, U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Davis, and University of Nevada, Reno. Our competitive season takes place during the winter and spring quarters, although we practice year-round.

If interested in joining, contact team president Charlie Madden (cmadden@stanford.edu).

NCBA Website: http://www.clubbaseball.org/