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CMC Sports Outreach Update

May 23, 2012

Here are some notes from our recent conversations:

Madison Square Garden

MSG has 5 divisions that they recruit for: Corporate, Facilities, Entertainment, Media and Sports.  The Sports division, which handles the Rangers, Knicks and Liberty, tends to be the best fit for MBA’s. Ticketing is an overlapping function (across all divisions), so there are often opportunities to get a foot in the door there as well.  Prior experience in the industry or in sales is very beneficial but not required. Their hiring/recruiting process tends to move very quickly – they generally have a 1 month turnaround on MBA level jobs. Occasionally they will post to college job boards, but have been most successful with Linkedin and Teamworkonline.com. All roles that are actively being recruited for also get posted to the MSG careers site, where the post will stay live for 5 days (that’s it!). If you have an interest in working for Madison Square Garden, it is recommended that you set up a profile and job agent on their careers site. If you opt to just check in once a week, you will undoubtedly miss any new opportunities that come up!


A division of PepsiCo, the Gatorade team sits in Chicago with the Quaker Oats and Tropicana brands.  The Gatorade brand has its own Sports Marketing team that manages the relationships with all of their sponsored organizations (e.g. professional, college and youth teams). Members of the Sports Marketing team have varied backgrounds. Most come from sales and advertising, but all members generally have some prior experience working with the brand. The Chicago team has their own HR department which conducts the hiring specific to that office.  As you can imagine, roles on the Sports Marketing team are highly coveted and the turnover is fairly low. They have two active channels of hiring for the Sports Marketing team – promoting from within, and via their internship program. The internship program is sales-based, as that is the most desired skillset, and they seek to convert the interns to full-time within the Quaker/Tropicana/Gatorade team.

Hiring in the sports industry continues to be very networking based overall, but we have started to see an increase in the number of postings finding their way to our job board. Opportunities posted this quarter include the following (active postings are in bold):

Wasserman Media Group – Director, Consulting (full-time)

Golden State Warriors – Executive Associate – Special Assistant (full-time)

Performance Athlytics – Student Intern (internship)

Steel Sports – MBA Intern (internship)

Athlete.com – Founding CEO (full-time)

Houston Astros Baseball Club – Head of Marketing Analytics (full-time – Sloan)

In the event you haven’t already, we suggest that you set up a job agent on the dashboard so you don’t miss any great roles that are sure to come!

If you have questions about any of these companies or your Sports Management career search in general, please contact Grace or Jana in the CMC to set up an appointment.

Upcoming Resume Drops for MBA2’s

October 3, 2011

For those of you nervous about the state of the economy, rest assured that there are jobs and opportunities available. In the month of September alone, employers posted an average of 9 MBA2 jobs every day.

Job postings typically stay on the job board for 30 days, so if you see a job that interests you be sure to pay attention to the resume drop deadline. As of today there are 313 resume drop deadlines in October alone – some of these are posted as part of our on-campus recruiting program and other will have company managed interview processes.

To assist with finding upcoming deadlines, I recommend these tips:

Sort all jobs by their resume drop deadline:
1. Log into My Career Dashboard
2. Click the “Jobs” tab
3. Check box to include on campus recruiting visits
4. The column titled “Job Expiration Date” indicates the date resumes are due
5. You can sort the by clicking the column header

Set up a reminder email of upcoming drop deadlines or newly added jobs:
1. Log into My Career Dashboard
2. Click the “Jobs” tab
3. Use the drop down boxes to create a search (if you want all jobs, skip this step)
4. Click “Save Search”
5. Type in a name
6. Check the box titled “Use as Email Agent”
7. Click “Save”

Additional FAQ and tips

Job Board Postings Up 60%

January 28, 2011

Job postings are up over 60%, so be sure to check the GSB Job Board via My Career Dashboard. Postings have recovered rapidly  from last year’s trough; see the graph titled GSB Job Board Postings by Audience, 2008-2011 (bottom of page).

Too busy to check regularly? Create a search agent in My Career Dashboard

Why should I create a Job Search Agent?

November 6, 2010

Creating a Job Search Agent in the Career Dashboard can greatly simplify your job search. If you have specific industries, functions and/or regions you are targeting, you can create and save each job agent separately.

There is no limit to the number of saved searches you create, e.g. clean tech in New York, consulting in U.S., marketing in Chicago and investment banking in London. Once you save a search, create a job search agent so emails are sent to you each time new jobs are posted on the GSB Job Board that meets your criteria.

For detailed instructions and screen shots, just scroll down towards the bottom of the page where you will see Creating a Search Agent.

CMC Job Sourcing Campaign and Job Board Stats

September 17, 2010


Job Posts: 2009-2010 vs. 2008-2009

  • MBA1 (Class of 2011): up 26%
  • MBA2 (Class of 2010) up 60%

On-Campus Recruiting 2009-2010 vs. 2008-2009

  • MBA1 (Class of 2011): up +24%
  • MBA2 (Class of 2010): up +11%

The increase was especially noticeable in the late Spring with more “just in time” hiring” as the economy started to improve. Of course, we know that 2008-09 was a low point, especially in financial services but we saw a ripple effect into all industries and were glad to see the significant increase in job posts last year.

The CMC is dedicated on sourcing new employer relationships and job postings in industries that are high-interest to YOU! Last year’s spring stats:

    • 541 new employer relationships
    • 206 more jobs posted
  • 82 accepted jobs

We are planning a “Sourcing Campaign” from January-June to once again target cool companies and jobs so be sure your Student Profile is up-to-date in Dashboard as your industry/function interest areas and target organization list will drive our efforts.

New Information in the Job Search Agent Email

May 26, 2010

It’s been a long time coming, but a new data element has finally been added to the job search agent* emails and you should now be able to see both the organization name and job title of the new positions that match your search criteria.

We’re not done yet, though – user feedback has helped our team to develop plans to add a few more data elements to this message and to ensure that the link included in the message takes users directly to the search results.  We will be working with our vendor to make these changes and will keep you up-to-date as new information is available.

If you have suggstions or comments on the job search agent emails or any other part of the My Career Dashboard system, please email me at beekman_myriam@gsb.stanford.edu.

*Don’t have a job search agent?  Set one up today!  Log into the Career Dashboard, select the ‘Job Search’ tab and input your search criteria.  Once you have the results, click the ‘Save Search’ icon and select ‘Use as Email Agent’ checkbox.

GSB Job Board Highlights (5.18.10)

May 18, 2010

These are the latest jobs on the GSB Job Board that the CMC staff hand-picked as most interesting for GSB students. Note: you’ll see only the opportunities for your class on the Dashboard.


  • Allstate Investments LLC, Alternative Investments Associate – Private Equity – application deadline 5/31/2010
  • Draper Fisher Jurvetson Growth Fund – DFJ Growth Fund, Associate – application deadline 6/30/2010
  • Google, Product Marketing Manager, Retail Industry – application deadline 5/25/2010
  • LinkedIn, Product Managers, Senior Product Managers, Principal Product Managers – application deadline 5/28/2010
  • MM Capital, Analyst – application deadline 5/30/2010
  • Pinnacle Ventures, Associate – application deadline 5/31/2010
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Manager, Corporate Business Development & Strategy – application deadline 6/16/2010


  • Gilt Groupe, Product Management Internship – application deadline 5/31/2010
  • Give Bars, Sales and Marketing Strategy Lead – application deadline 5/21/2010
  • Lookout, Marketing Intern (Mobile Start-Up in SF) – application deadline 6/4/2010
  • SunRun Inc., Sales & Marketing Internship – application deadline 6/9/2010
  • Viscira, Strategic Marketing Manager – application deadline 6/7/2010

GSB Job Board Highlights (4.15.10)

April 15, 2010

These are the latest jobs on the GSB Job Board that the CMC staff hand-picked as most interesting for GSB students. Note: you’ll see only the opportunities for your class on the Dashboard.


  • Bridgewater Associates, Senior Investment Associate – application deadline 4/19/10
  • Starwood Capital Group, Associate (Assistant) to CEO – application deadline 5/1/10
  • Barnes & Noble, Product Manager – application deadline 5/5/10
  • Google, Product Marketing Manager, Video Marketing – application deadline 5/13/10
  • eBay, Manager, Global Marketing, AdCommerce – application deadline 5/15/10


  • Gardens for Health International, Graduate Student Fellow – application deadline 4/21/10
  • Cooliris, Product Marketer – application deadline 5/7/10
  • Accretive,  Summer Associate – application deadline 5/9/10
  • Zero Motorcycles, Corporate and Marketing Strategy Intern – application deadline 5/31/10
  • NovaTorque, Strategic Marketing Project – application deadline 6/15/10

GSB Job Board Highlights (4.1.10)

April 1, 2010

job-boardThese are the latest jobs on the GSB Job Board that the CMC staff hand-picked as most interesting for GSB students. Note: you’ll see only the opportunities for your class on the Dashboard.


  • Nike, Inc., Strategy and Business Development Manager, Direct to Consumer – application deadline 4/22/10
  • Norwest Venture Partners, Senior Associate – application deadline 4/30/10
  • The Walt Disney Company – Corporate Alliances, Associate, Account Management – application deadline 4/23/10
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Manager, Corporate Business Development & Strategy – application deadline 7/10/10
  • Zynga, Product Manager – application deadline 5/28/2010


  • Accel –KKR, Summer Associate – application deadline 4/10/10
  • Achaogen, Business Development Internship – application deadline 4/5/10
  • Gap, 2010 Gap strategy Summer MBA Intern – application deadline 4/12/10
  • PETCO Animal Supplies Inc. (A TPG Portfolio Company), Market Research Intern – application deadline 4/30/10
  • Solazyme, Inc., Intern – MBA – Corporate Development – application deadline 4/6/10
  • Universal Pictures, a division of NBC Universal, Summer Associate – application deadline 4/30/10

GSB Job Board Highlights (3.15.10)

March 15, 2010

job-boardThese are the latest jobs on the GSB Job Board that the CMC staff hand-picked as most interesting for GSB students. Note: you’ll see only the opportunities for your class on the Dashboard.


  • Clearwell Systems, Senior Product Manager – application deadline 5/31/2010
  • Greylock Partners, Associate – application deadline 4/1/2010
  • Hyundai Capital, Corporate Development Manager – application deadline 6/1/2010
  • Smith Micro Software, Inc., Senior Product Manager – Enterprise Mobility – application deadline 4/13/2010
  • Zynga, Product Manager – application deadline 5/28/2010


  • Cars.com, Business Development Intern – application deadline 4/4/2010
  • Gap Inc., 2010 GAP Strategy Summer MBA Intern – application deadline 4/12/2010
  • Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc., MBA Intern Marketing – application deadline 4/11/2010
  • Passport Capital, LLC, Hedge Funds Internship – application deadline 6/1/2010
  • San Diego Padres, Summer Interns – application deadline 12/31/2010
  • V-Vehicle Company, Intern – Application deadline 3/27/2010