welcome to common origins!

who are we?

Common Origins is a non-audition, urban / hip-hop dance group based in Stanford, founded in 2010. We focus on creating a unique and challenging environment that brings both experienced and new dancers together through their shared passion for dance. Throughout the year, we aim to train both our dancers and choreographers by teaching and performing a wide range of fresh, exciting choreography. Despite mainly being a urban / hip-hop dance team, we hope to instill an appreciation of the art as a whole by recognizing that all types of dance can inspire and enrich CO's unique personality.

our philosophy

Every tree was once a seed. There are a lot of talented and amazing performers out there in the world. Watching them tear up and grace the stage, it's hard to imagine that we have anything similar between us. But, in the end, we are all the same. In the end, what link all of us together are our common origins. No matter how lofty, no matter how great, there was a point where all of us knew nothing -- a point where it all began. Common Origins is a group that was founded in the belief that everyone has the potential to be great -- they simply need the opportunity to take that first step.

Whether they're masters of the stage or just making their debuts, our members dance together as one group -- one family. This dynamic is what defines our time together -- challenging, yet warm and welcoming.

So, long after the applause has faded and the lights have dimmed, the show goes on. Because as long as our members remain performers at heart, our mission is accomplished. See, it's difficult to lose a connection so strong once you discover it's there: our common origins.

- Phil Delrosario (Common Origins co-founder)


come out to our CO events, from public workshops to performances!
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we're hard at work for our annual show breaking ground on saturday, december 1st!

Breaking Ground is our annual fall quarter dance showcase involving performances from all around the Stanford dance community, and beyond. After founding the show in 2012, this year marks our 7th annual Breaking Ground. We, along with other performance groups, build up our set throughout the whole quarter, culminating in Stanford's biggest dance showcase of the year. Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Saturday December 1st, 8pm. You won't want to miss it.

Check out our most recent full shows of Breaking Ground on YouTube by clicking below!

Breaking Ground 2016 - Return to Olympus

Youtube link!

Breaking Ground 2017 - Welcome to Hogwarts

Youtube link!


events and showcases of our recent CO-mmunity happenings!

HUGE THANKS to Ryan & Marcus for an incredible workshop & to everyone who came and learned!
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Ryan Hsieh

Ryan’s currently a junior who started his dance journey freshman fall after going to a early CO workshop. Through his time performing with CO and now also dancing with Legacy, he’s quickly fallen in love with urban dance and the communities that it encompasses, both here on campus and around the world. In his spare time he loves taking dance workshops around the bay, camping out in his neuroscience lab doing research, or awwing at every dog he sees anywhere anytime.

Marcus Leaks

Marcus's dance journey began at Stanford! Having never formally trained in any style of dance before coming to college, he was dragged to Dv8’s audition his freshman year by Phil Delrosario (Co-Founder) "just to check it out". He said he "was incredibly intimidated yet had so much fun at the same time. While neither of us made the group, it sparked our hunger to grow. We spent hours learning from videos on YouTube in an old studio under Casa Zapata, trying to absorb as much as possible. After a few other dance experiences our freshman year, we began toying with the idea of creating a non-audition group in order to provide a space for experienced and new dancers to come together in a team environment. After tons of planning and a great deal of support from our friends, we started Common Origins in 2010!"

Marcus says he was a typical Stanford duck and danced with CO, Dv8, and Alliance during undergrad. After graduating in 2013, he moved to Chicago for grad school and danced with a variety of competitive and professional dance companies: Hip Hop ConnXion, CODA, The WallFlowers, and Puzzle League. He also had the opportunity to perform in Carnival Choreographer's Ball and train with Gigi Torres during two of her Establish Your Empire intensives. Currently, Marcus lives in NYC dancing with The Neighbors. While his background continues to be rooted in urban choreography, he has been influenced by many styles since leaving Stanford including ballet, modern, house, popping, waacking, salsa, and jazz.